Choosing vertical blinds for bungalow windows

I’ve been working like crazy on a new venture with Lindsay from The Bungalow Guru and totally missed November here! And we will forget about the final touch for interior design of the windows portion – the vertical blinds! It was the outcome of several discussions that we decided to experiment with using vertical blinds over traditional curtains.

The vertical blinds from our recommended supplier made the decision an easy one. And super colorful. It adds a great touch of sophistication to the resting areas, so you can count on the wide range of designs offered by the experts. When I was thinking about how to dress up the windows for November, I immediately thought of something with blinds. But lately, I have been burned out on interior design! What?! I never thought that would happen! So my next thought was vertical blinds which is such an amazing compliment to your villa style bungalow. The end result certainly turns out way better than what we had envisioned.

I would’ve tried something a little harder and more involved, but I had one day left in November and really wanted to have this around the house! There is talk of freezing rain here, so this will be perfect for cold mornings. Just a warning to strangers walking down our street- I might peep out and spring a surprise from behind my brand new vertical blinds.

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